Ma Sweeney

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Ma Sweeney is a short, plump woman. She has soft grey hair which she keeps tied up in a bun. She wears a simple lilac dress and a white apron. Her footwear is a pair of black boots. In short, she's your classic 'sweet old bakery lady'.


She's a self-proclaimed business genius who plans to save money by luring flocks of wild birds to her factory to be made into chicken pies. Ma is given to fits of rants and uncontrollable laughter. She appears to have a varying temper towards her son, Todd Sweeney, whom she swats with a wooden spoon quite often.

Considering that Ma built her factory, the baker's oven and the electro-magnet by herself, it can be argued that she is remarkably intelligent. She could possibly be on the same level as Norton Nimnul or Irweena Allen. But this is purely speculation.


Ma Sweeney's only appearance is in Pie in the Sky.