Todd Sweeney

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Todd is very tall for a 'boy'. He is twice the size of his mother, Ma Sweeney. She sometimes has to stand on a step ladder to swat him on the head.

He has short red hair (and a dandruff problem!) that frames a round, pudgy face and red nose. He likes to wear a red and white striped shirt that's far too short for him, blue shorts, red and white socks and matching sneakers.


He is the rotund son of Ma Sweeney. He seems to be a bit dimwitted. He may also simply have a short term memory problem. Either way, Ma Sweeney has to constantly explain things to him over and over and over again. She also tends to swat him on the head with a wooden spoon a lot.

Todd enjoys making punful jokes which make no one laugh but himself.

He also likes to use a sling shot on rodents as Monty and Dale found out.


His only appearance is in Pie in the Sky