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Cruiser & Bruiser are a pair of hawks that act like 80's Top Gun pilots. They apparently work for Mr. Dumpty.

Canonical Information


The pair are identical grey colored hawks with dark grey heads. Both wear helmets of different colors. Cruiser wears the red and white helmet, while Bruiser wears the blue and orange one.

ON several occasions while flying they have a rocket powered appearance.


The pair fancy themselves to be ace flyers. They tend to talk in a sort of pilot banter/jargon. Also, they appear to work well together as a team.


The pair act as guards and henchmen for Mr. Dumpty. They mention at one point that they are on "recon," likely referring to patrolling Mr. Dumpty's mansion and grounds.

Mr. Dumpty can call them at need with a special whistle.


This pair appeared in a single episode, Three Men and a Booby.


The pair appear to be partly inspired after the fighter pilots in the 80's movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise who would also have been Cruiser's namesake.

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