Three Men and a Booby

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Three Men and a Booby
Screenshot from Three Men and a Booby
Dale tickles the hungry booby baby
Writing credits: Eric Lewald
First aired: April 30, 1989
Title reference: Reference to the title of the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby
Episode number: 10
Season: 1
Production order: 2
Production number: CDRR 1110
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While Chip, Dale, and Monty are out shopping at the grocery store, they come across Mrs. Booby who is looking for her missing egg. The Rangers take the case. They trace the egg to Mr. Dumpty's mansion, where they are able to rescue the egg. However, they encounter two hawks and the butler, Nog. The hawks drive off the Rangers while the butler captures Mrs. Booby. The Rangers retreat to HQ where Gadget builds the Easter Tank and Chip, Dale, and Monty take care of the egg. The egg hatches and then the boys must find a way to feed the baby bird. Once the Easter Tank is ready, The Rangers use it to infiltrate Mr. Dumpty's mansion. After an extended confrontation with Mr. Dumpty, Nog, and the hawks, they all escape safely, closing the case.


The Rescue Rangers

Mrs. Booby

The Booby Baby

Mr. Dumpty


Cruiser & Bruiser


Grocery Cart

The Ranger Plane

The Egg Helicopter

The Easter Tank


Monty: This one's for the Parmesan we left behind!

Dale: Look down there! It must be the egg grabber nabber!

Monty: (hanging on to the cart) This is the last time I fly in the economy seats!


The entire episode is a parody of the movie Three Men and a Baby. Two more works which are referenced or parodied are Alice in Wonderland (Mr. Dumpty) and Top Gun (Cruiser & Bruiser).

This is the only episode that shows the Ranger's "hanger" as a modified mailbox.

We find in this episode that the Ranger Plane is able to fly without the balloon.