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Charlie Price, also known as RangerReady23, is a recent graduate of North Greenville University, in upstate South Carolina, successfully completing a Bachelors of Humanities in History. Writing Rescue Rangers fiction since late 2005, he has so far produced over 30 stories, as much for his own enjoyment as the desire to publish. He is also the founder and maintainer of the Rescue Rangers Headquarters Webpage, a large site filled with Rescue Rangers eclectica, including many stories and writings from various Rangerphiles as well as his own works.

Fan Fiction

(In chronological order)

Rescue Rangers Historical Files Series

Patriot's Progress

Knights of Rescue

The Adventures of Almondine Maplewood

The Purloined Playboy

The Caribbean Cutlass

The Adventures of Geegaw Hackwrench

The Wild Blue Yonder

Where the Eagles Dare

Pirates of the North

Sojourn in a Small Town

The Pre-CDRR Adventures

Treachery at Eton

The Continuing Adventures of the Rescue Rangers

Meeting With Destiny

A Christmas to Remember


Due South

Return to Destiny

The Rescue Rangers Adventures

The Case of the Unseeing Eyes

The Return


The Baker Street Irregulars


Rescue Rangers Future Files Series

A New Year, A New Era

Enemy Mine

Sister's Keeper

Family Ties

To Touch the Stars

The Acorn Cafe Adventures

Apart from round robins and similar pieces of roleplay, the Acorn Cafe Adventures were the first fan-made stories to feature Rangerphile avatars as main characters. They are usually told from RangerReady's point of view.

Times Past

A Late Night Adventure

A Day At RangerReady's Computer

The Case of the Sabotaged Server

The Mystery of the Missing Brie

Of Love and Saints

Rebel Rangers



The Case of the Abducted Arabica (Co-written with Neal_Wolf)

Fan Art

RangerReady23's forays into the visual arts started out mainly as copy-paste recolours of CDRR model sheet drawings, arranged upon a background for comedic or otherwise notable effect. This method slowly became supplanted by fully-hand-drawn sketches of the characters, done in pencil and other traditional media. Arguably his best-known work is an image of Gadget sitting in a wooden chair, playing an f-hole Gibson guitar.

A major convention in RangerReady23's visual works is crossover-style costuming, a theme common throughout the CDRR fandom. Many of his earlier recolourings involved classic superhero themes, and his hand-drawn works involve some scenes involving the CDRR characters dressed as Star Trek crewmen aboard space ships.

The RangerReady Rangerverse

The RangerReady Rangerverse (RRR) collectively describes the Rescue Rangers mythos as contained within the works of Charlie Price (aka RangerReady23).


Gadget Hackwrench-Maplewood

See also: Gadget Hackwrench (Canonical)

Gadget Hackwrench, as of current events in the RRR, did indeed become engaged to Chip Maplewood, the Rescue Rangers' esteemed leader. The two were married in 1991, and to date have produced several offspring throughout a number of stories. Born in/around 1970, Gabriella Mariel Hackwrench-Maplewood is the child of Geegaw Amos Hackwrench, who was himself descended from the noble stock of Martin the Warrior, the ancient mouse champion of the Abbey of Redwall. This relation spawned the RRR's original story, Meeting With Destiny, and continues to affect events in current and forthcoming RRR stories. Gadget is, as in canon works, the Rescue Rangers' chief technical consultant, inventor, mechanic, and maintenance mouse. Standing around/about 3 1/2 inches tall, she has blue eyes, reddish-blonde hair, and favors her trademark lavendar jumpsuits for everyday life, although she is not above dressing for an evening out or a special event.

Chip Nutbrown Maplewood

See also: Chip (Canonical)

Chip Maplewood is the fearless leader of the Rangers, and as aforementioned, is married to the beautiful and talented Gadget Hackwrench. Much of Chip's biography has not been developed at this point, as the RRR's author is very much a Gadgephile, and much of the RRR has centered around that character up to this point. Chip was born in/around 1969, the son of attorney Birch Maplewood, and grandson of well-known private detective Almondine Maplewood. His original idea of the Rescue Rangers was conceived on the team's initial mission, as revealed in the origin movie To The Rescue. Chip's life was one of duty and dedication upon becoming appointed leader of the Rangers, until his marriage to Gadget in 1991, in the story A Christmas to Remember.

Lauderdale Carson Oakmont

See also: Dale (Canonical)

Dale Oakmont is the comic relief sidekick of the Rescue Rangers, although he does contribute to the overall performance of the team with a quick, albeit sometimes goofy wit. Born in/around 1969, Dale lived a somewhat varied life, his first real worthwhile effort coming from joining the Rangers, alongside his childhood friend, Chip Maplewood. While the two originally fought long and drawn out battles over the affections of inventor Gadget Hackwrench, Dale lost interest in the combat upon meeting his current true love, fellow Ranger Foxglove the bat. Dale has an intense love of chocolate, adventure, and comic books...all of which tend to get him into trouble from time to time.

Monterey Jack Colby

See also: Monterey Jack (Canonical)

Monterey Jack is the Australian musclemouse backbone of the Rescue Rangers. A veteran adventurer, he is the longtime friend and partner of ace pilot Geegaw Hackwrench, and adoptive uncle/godfather of Gadget Hackwrench. Little is currently known or postulated about Monty's childhood, although it was an adventuresome and interesting time, given that he grew up in the household of renowned explorers Catherine 'Camembert Kate' Colby and Charles 'Cheddarhead Charlie' Colby. Monty, while older than his fellow Rangers, contributes much to the team in the way of experience, strength, and a natural flair for all things culinary. However, the team does occasionally have difficulties with Monty's trademark 'cheese attacks'.


See also: Zipper (Canonical)

Very little has been developed to this point about Zipper's past in the RRR, although that may yet come to pass in future stories. Zipper is the longtime companion of adventurer Monterey Jack Colby, and is assumed to have shared most of his adventures, beginning shortly after Monty's longtime rift with friend Geegaw Hackwrench. He shares with the team an amazing ability for stealth and surveillance, often going where no one else can, in order to get the job done.

Tamara Angeline Hazelnut

See also: Tammy (Canonical)

Tammy is the typically headstrong, but always reliable younger member of the Rangers. Making her original appearance in Adventures in Squirrelsitting, she has grown to become a valued member of the team in the RRR. Tammy is a student of medicine, using her talents to keep the Rangers in good repair following many of their more...difficult, cases. The character has appeared in almost every RRR story from the beginning, excluding those which take place outside of the Rangers' own time, i.e. stories concerning Geegaw Hackwrench and Almondine Maplewood. Her most notable companion is her boyfriend/fiancee Reguba, a squirrel who immigrated to America from the Abbey of Redwall following the Rangers' premiere RRR adventure, Meeting With Destiny.

Connmael Patrick Reguba

Reguba, the warrior squirrel from the Abbey of Redwall, is borrowed from the Redwall universe of Brian Jacques. He comes from a long line of Mossflower warriors, the first of which befriended and fought alongside Martin the Warrior during the ancient war against the wildcats of Kotir. He originally premiered in the original RRR story, Meeting With Destiny, and has appeared in almost every mainline RRR tale since that time, excluding those stories which take place outside the Rangers' own timeframe. Reguba is the boyfriend/fiancee of Tammy Hazelnut, and was granted full Ranger status as of the story Generations. While as strong as (and perhaps stronger than) Monty, Reguba also brings a keen, deductive mind with him into the Rangers, and a highly developed code of honor and sense of right.

Spillane "Sparky" Andrew McMouster

See also: Sparky (Canonical)

Sparky, the electrifying lab rat, first appeared in Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?, and in the RRR has since become a valued member of the Rescue Rangers, added to the team alongside Tammy, Reguba, and Foxglove. His lovably absent-minded disposition makes him a favorite among the Rangers, although they tend to shy away from shaking hands with him, after several...shocking, incidents. Originally a labaratory mouse in the lab of Professor Norton Nimnul, Sparky provides a useful insight into the mindset of that villain, whenever one of his hairbrained schemes threatens the city. Sparky currently sees a young squirrel from a nearby tree in the park, the beautiful but blind Miranda Fairoaks, who appeared in the Rescue Rangers Adventure The Case of the Unseeing Eyes. The two are very close, but no plans are made at present to bring her into the Rangers alongside him.

Scarlett Foxglove Moonhaven

See also: Foxglove (Canonical}

Foxglove, the sometimes flighty but mostly levelheaded bat, is the wife of Dale Oakmont in the RRR, as of 1994. Originally appearing in Good Times, Bat Times, she is one of the most popular characters in the canon universe, appearing in countless other pieces of fanfiction and fanart by countless other authors. She and Dale have yet to produce any offspring in the RRR, although that possibility is not out of the question. Formerly an assistant to Winifred, a slightly less than sane would-be witch, 'Foxy' has become one of the Rangers' most valued members, providing a bird's eye...er, bat's eye view of situations, when the other Rangers are required on the ground.


The Rangerbolt

This astounding technological marvel is the pride and joy of Gadget Hackwrench. Originally a die-cast model of a 1969 Dodge Charger, Gadget recovered it from the dumpster of a downtown hobby shop, and rebuilt the vehicle into a full-spec Rangermobile, which later changed its name to Rangerbolt. Internally, it is powered by a miniaturized 440ci V-8, handbuilt by Gadget. Its external features include a miniature onboard computer system, wireless hookups for access to police files, and a variety of the usual Hackwrench-grade defense systems. Gadget briefly flirted with the idea of armoring it, but decided against the option, deeming it impractical.

The Screaming Eagle II

The SE2, as it has come to be known, was originally built by Tammy in an attempt to increase her own knowledge of engineering...and perhaps to compete a bit with Gadget. It was later rebuilt and improved by Gadget herself, and is now flown by Geegaw Hackwrench, as of the story The Return.