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Aldrin Klordane is a master thief and crime boss, and the archenemy of Detective Donald Drake. Fat Cat is ostensibly his pet. He can be assumed to be jailed at present.

The name is a play on the industrial chemical pollutants aldrin and chlordane.

Canonical Information


In keeping with his name, Klordane looks as though he might have been poisoned by chemicals; his skin has a strong gray cast and his lips are swollen and almost purple. His bushy red eyebrows and spiky remnants of hair make him look like he has red horns. Klordane's body shape is almost square; he is tall but his shoulders and upper body are so wide that he looks shorter than he really is. He has heavy jowls, but his body looks more muscular than fat. He usually wears a pinstriped suit.


Much like Fat Cat, Klordane is self-centered, egotistical, and short-tempered. He delights in psychologically torturing his enemies, which proves to be a liability for him when he passes up the opportunity to kill Donald Drake quickly. He is usually methodical and not often impulsive, but he will lie to or abandon anyone if it suits his needs.

He appears to have led a deprived childhood, and he states that he never had a toy train.


Klordane is the main operator in the To the Rescue story arc. He fakes his own drowning and is presumed dead, but his nemesis Donald Drake believes he is alive when the theft of the Klutchkoin Ruby matches Klordane's modus operandi. Although this would imply that Klordane himself performed the theft, one of Klordane's henchmen is in possession of the ruby when it is first seen.

Klordane allows the ruby to be recovered by the police, then sends Fat Cat to retrieve the stone and plant incriminating evidence against Drake. Klordane next takes the ruby to Norton Nimnul in Glacier Bay, where Nimnul uses it in an ice-cutting laser. Klordane kidnaps Drake and forces him to watch the implementation of the Nimnul Fruitquake, then flees when the Rangers hamper him. He is finally stopped, and literally flung onto the police captain's desk, by Plato and the Rangers.


Klordane appears in episodes one, three, four, and five of To the Rescue. Episode two focused on the introduction of Monty and Zipper, and Chip and Dale's attempts to retrieve the Klutchkoin Ruby from Fat Cat.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

A few fanfics show Klordane out of jail under different circumstances, however, always as the villain that he was.