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My story follows like the head of this great web page. Although I loved the show as a kid (in the few instances I got to see it at my grandparents house) and even had a crush on Gadget just like I'm sure many here I'd forgotten about it till just this year. I researched them up and hit Fish's of Mice and Mayhem which I fell immediately in love with and read multiple times. Ever since I've been trying to get more involved in the community and am looking forward to helping flesh out this website. As I've become more knowledgeable about the fandom around the show I've come to find I'm definitely a pro (C+G forever!!) and a Gadgephile (best character in show!!!!). However I'm doing my best job to be neutral but if something slips through please correct me and also I'd appreciate it if you sent me an email so I can do a better job. I'm here just to work on this already fantastic website and hope I can contribute in fleshing it out. Thanks for this opportunity to help fans of one of my favorite shows. Thanks again

Erik Berg

If you ever want to contact me just email me at