The Joyride

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: March 13, 2006

First released: March 13, 2006

Title references: The title simply describes what the story is about.

Continuity: None

Length: 146 words

Rating: All ages

The Joyride was written and posted to test the author's capabilities of writing fan fiction, to find out the public's reactions, and to gain some first experiences. Save some contributions to spontaneous round robins at the Cafe, it was his first written work in script format.

Starting out nameless, this extremely short story was given its title about two months later on May 7.


The story is a spoof on a German radio commercial. After some improvements on the Rangermobile, Gadget invites her friends to a joyride. The latter, however, come up with excuses why not to enter the vehicle which they don't really trust.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers


The Rangermobile

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