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Rubber Bando is the name Dale adopts as a superhero identity in It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!.

Canonical Information

When Dale finds a small meteorite fragment that gives him the ability to stretch into just about any shape, he soon decides that he can use it to be a superhero. He makes himself a costume, does some "research" on being a superhero (his collection of comic books), and calls himself Rubber Bando. He is seen going around the city, stopping crimes and putting out fires, and soon becomes famous (though, to his annoyance, the media refers to him as "The Rubber Rodent").

He comes to enjoy being a superhero and his ego grows fast. When the rest of the Rangers finally discover who Rubber Bando really is, he tells them that they can be his sidekicks. Before long, he gets to the point that he decides he doesn't even need the Rangers at all and can be a hero all by himself.

Later, when Seymour steals several monuments and the the police blame "The Rubber Rodent" for the crimes, Dale crawls back to the Rangers and begs for their help. He helps the Rangers defeat Seymour, but in the end the meteorite is destroyed. Rubber Bando goes back to being Dale, one of the Rangers, and realizes "the Rescue Rangers are pretty super just the way they are".