It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale

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Gadget examines the strange meteorite piece

Writing Credits: Dev Ross and Tad Stones

First Aired: December 22, 1989

Title reference: A play on the phrase "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!"

Episode Number: 47

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1234


A meteor enters Earth's atmosphere and explodes, splitting into several fragments, each granting the power to make one's body elastic. Dale finds one fragment and becomes "Rubber-band-o" a superhero. However, in the process, he considers the Rangers' work to be less significant in comparison with his own. The other is found by Seymour, an unscrupulous travel agent who uses his new power to steal international monuments and hold them for ransom. The Rangers catch up to him and foil his plot.


The Rescue Rangers


The Police

Stan Blather


Ranger Wing

Chemistry Set


Monty: I've seen weirder things than that in a cafeteria line.

Dale: "There! 147 comic books. Now I know everything about being a superhero."

Gadget: "We're the Rescue Rangers: a small but efficient battalion of do-gooders devoted to helping those in trouble. Would you like to see our news clipping?"

Gadget: "Don't worry, Dale, being a super hero isn't anything to be ashamed of, is it?"

Dale: "But do you want to know what the best part about this is?"

Gadget: "Not really."

Chip: "Every crime is important."

Dale: "I bet it won't be long till I get myself my own TV show."

Gadget: "Gosh. . . your own TV show. That would be something special."

Gadget: "With this test I'll be able to tell what this brochure is made out of."

Chip: "Well?"

Gadget: "It's made out of paper!"

Chip: "That's it?"

Gadget: "Well that, and the fact that it came from Seymour's Travel Agency near the corner of Lagansh and Colinga."

Monty: "Wow, that's some test, Gadget love!"

Gadget: "Well, actually, the address is stamped right on the bottom of the brochure."

Chip: "(To Dale) Why don't you try stretching your brain?"

Gadget: "Golly! Monument Valley!"

Chip: "Where else would a travel agent hide monuments?"


When Dale suggests he could get his own TV show it provides one of the few if only jabs that the show Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers does at the proverbial fourth wall that divides the characters and the audience.