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Midge is a tiny, doe-eyed, swallow. She's dark brown on the back of her head, back and tail. Light brown forms a mask around her eyes and cheeks. The light brown continues all the way down her frontside and the undersides of her wings. Her wingtips have bits of black on them.


She got lost on her way to Capistrano and turned to the Rescue Rangers for help. She wound up being captured by Ma Sweeney to be baked into a chicken pie. She was saved by the Rangers. In turn, she helped the team shut Ma Sweeney down for good.

Midge is the only incidental character to have earned the affections of Chip. When he lost his hat while feeding a dough string into the gears of a conveyer belt, Midge stayed behind to save it while all of the other birds flew away. Her bravery earned Chip's respect. He also allowed her to wear it at the end of the episode.


Midge only appears in the one episode Pie in the Sky.