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Iridescent green coffee was a drink offered by Campisi to new members of the Acorn Cafe, as well as anyone else willing to partake of the proverbial apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

Iridescent blue coffee was the creation of various intrepid Cafe members from the pro side. These brave souls sought to craft a beverage that could oppose the original green variety of Campisi's special coffee, and after much trial and error their aims came to fruition. This azure variant of Campisi's coffee functioned in a manner identical to the original green and possessed nearly the same amount of power, yet served to push the victim toward the Pro side of the Pro-Anti debate.

Iridescent red coffee was the exclusive beverage of Campisi, and was notable for the crimson hue it gave off. While there are many disparate rumours as to the ingredients that went in to the beverage, it is uncertain what actually gave the drink its trademark crimson colour.

Iridescent brown coffee is sometimes claimed to neutralise both Pro and Anti, regardless of whether or not the respective attitude was acquired through a drink.

Iridescent pink coffee was claimed by Rattus to turn anyone into a pony.

Therefore, it is often considered a good advice to Cafe newbies to steer clear of any beverages that glow.


  • After he joined the Acorn Cafe in November of 2005, Campisi took on the persona of the barkeep of the Cafe. He also came into possession of The Magic Sword.
  • Campisi, himself a self-proclaimed neutral despite arguably being an Anti to an extent reminiscent of Julie Bihn, began to use the sword (which was recovered from the Insane Gadget Plushie, who had somehow shrunk it to the size of a letter opener) to create drinks that he allegedly hoped would inspire similar feelings in the new posters he offered them to. The magic powers imparted by the sword gave the drink a haunting, seemingly radioactive iridescent hue, the exact colour of which being determined by the ingredients in the beverage. More often than not, another Rangerphile would warn the newbie not to drink the coffee "or suffer a horrible fate." The outcome of drinking it varied heavily, from nothing at all to temporarily going anti or even insane.
  • In the course of 2006, several methods were employed to make a "counter-beverage" to make people turn pro. RangerReady23, for instance, slipped special tablets into the concoction, and Midnight Man stirred it with a miniature version of Obi-Wan Maplewood's lightsaber. What the resulting beverage lacked in outright power it made up for in quantity, as the blue variant became far and away the most common.
  • Since the banning of Campisi from the Acorn Cafe, the iridescent coffee has had few appearances, possibly out of fear of the terrible cost of misusing coffee with such otherworldly power.