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Coo-Koo Cola is the trademark brand of a number of carbonated drinks mentioned in the episode The Case of the Cola Cult.

General Information

According to the aforementioned episode, Coo-Koo Cola is available in three flavors: orange, cherry, and grape. However, in spite of the name, there is no evidence of an actual cola beverage sold under the same brand. The catchy tune of the TV commercial reveals that Coo-Koo Cola's probably only bottling plant is located in Pensacola, Florida, while the company runs at least a storage in the Rescue Rangers' hometown in which the members of the Cola Cult hold their meetings, chant the commercial song along with the TV, take soda showers and, until the Rangers show up, for the fizzing ceremony.


The name of the brand is a more than obvious play on Coca-Cola, and the process of "fizzing" the Cola Cult members' properties away has a strong similarity to Coca-Cola's known ability to dissolve metal.

Appeared in

Coo-Koo Cola's appearance in the TV show is limited to the episode The Case of the Cola Cult.

The following fanfics mention Coo-Koo Cola:

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