Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 19

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The Ghastly Goat of Quiver Moor, 2/2
[[File:{{{image}}}|320px|Sample of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 19]]
Writing credits: Scott Saavedra
Cover Date: December 1989
Issue number: 19
Cover Caption: His name is Ransom -- and he means trouble!
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Dale "entertains" an unconscious Zipper with a tale of adventure. The rest of the rangers have an encounter with a gray-haired mouse with a sword, who kisses Gadget. Gadget does not seem to enjoy it, and it annoys the other Rangers, who defeat the mysterious mouse, named Ransom. After he promises to be nice, they let him up, and explain why they have intruded in Ransom's house. The mouse does not believe in the Ghastly Goat and cautions the Rangers against trusting Carl, lord Nevermore's dog. Gadget suddenly recognizes the mouse, and starts to say something her father said about him, but is cut off. Chip finds fake bat wings while rummaging around, thereby proving that Ransom was in fact the spectral bat that attacked the Rangers in the last issue. Meanwhile, Dale is startled by a noise, and elsewhere in the castle, Lord Nevermore's relatives Balderdash and Ronald are tapping the walls of the castle, looking for hidden money. Dale goes to investigate the noises. He finds Carl battling the Ghastly Goat in the kitchen, but a pot falls overtop him, preventing him from seeing what happens. Back in the tower, Ransom explains his earlier actions. The lot of them go back to the room where Zipper and Dale were staying, and eventually find Dale. The release him from the pot, and he explains what he saw. The Rangers find a boot print that suggests that the Ghastly Goat may, in fact, be the gardener Myron, who was hired shortly before Lord Nevermore's disappearance. They split into two teams to search, Chip, Dale and Zipper in one, and Gadget, Monty, and Ransom in the other. Zipper sees Balderdash and Ronald finding a brick with a hidden chest in it, containing the orphanage's stolen money. Zipper makes off with the key to the room in which Balderdash and Ronald are. Ransom, meanwhile, reveals to Gadget and Monty that he knew Geegaw, who evidently thought poorly of him. They hear Carl's barking, and let him out of the room in which he was locked. Random and Carl see each other, and Carl is not happy to see him, as he predicted. They find a well-stocked store room containing a costume of the Ghastly Goat. Lord Nevermore turns out to still be alive, and catches Balderdash and Ronald taking the money - they claim that they plan to return it to the orphanage. Lord Nevermore explains his evil plan, but does not know that Carl is listening, Carl turns on him and captures him. Myron turns out to be an undercover police inspector. The Rescue Rangers recover the money for the orphanage, and Carl the dog goes to live there.