Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 18

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The Ghastly Goat of Quiver Moor, 1/2
[[File:{{{image}}}|320px|Sample of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 18]]
Writing credits: Scott Saavedra
Cover Date: 18 November 1989
Issue number: 18
Cover Caption: Up from the muck comes... Bog Thing!
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The Rescue Rangers pass through Scotland, where they encounter a castle that is rumored to be haunted. Reportedly, its owner had embezzled money from a local orphanage before being taken by a monster called the Ghastly Goat. The Rangers shelter from a storm in the same castle, and are directed by a dog named Carl to a rather well-furnished mousehole where they might spend the night. At midnight, the Rangers go looking for this monster, and find it in short order. The monster punches Chip and Dale, and runs off. Carl the dog finds the Rangers disobeying his instructions to stay inside, and in the ensuing confrontation, it is revealed that the curse of the Ghastly Goat began after the lord of the castle, Nevermore, took the orphanage's money. Eventually, the Rangers notice that Zipper has been missing for two pages, and go looking for him. They look for him a bit before going to bed. The next morning, they plan to build a trap for the Ghastly Goat. While planning, they see two men, identified as uncle Balderdash and his nephew, Ronald, relative of Lord Nevermore. Carl helps them set up a trap where he thinks the Ghastly Goat will next manifest. While waiting for the monster, they are interrupted by a spectral bat, who instructs them to leave, in a creepy typeface and no uncertain terms. The bat then flies away. The Ghastly Goat appears and is caught in the trap, but breaks free, leaving a foot behind. The foot contains Zipper. A moment later, Carl catches one of the servants, the gardener named Myron, in the moor. Balderdash and Ronald happen upon the scene, and, as they leave, comment that they must return to some business that must be accomplished before the castle is dismantled the next day, to be shipped to America. Back at the castle, the Rangers look for secret passageways, and find one. Dale is left to watch over Zipper, who is still ailing; Chip, Gadget and Monty explore the secret passageway, and find that it leads to a room at the top of the castle's ostensibly sealed-off tower. There, they encounter a mouse they saw in an old painting in the mousehole in which they were staying.