2014 Golden Acorn Awards

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The 2014 Golden Acorn Awards ceremonies took place at Gaston's Tavern on March 13, 2015.

Artwork Awards

Other nominees: Almost Had Us by Fish [1]

  • Flowers and Stripes Forever by saraggle91 [2]
  • Hugs and Giggles by saraggle91 [3]
  • First Kiss (Remake) by saraggle91 [4]

Best Color Image:

Other nominees: When the Ice Melts by Ramdale [5]

  • Tears of Happiness by Ramdale [6]
  • commission piece for Arztek by saraggle91 [7]
  • Gadget in Watercolor by Ruslan [8]
  • The Morning After by saraggle91 [9]
  • Dale in a Dress by saraggle91 [10]
  • Gadget’s Morning by Ramdale [11]

Best Non-Ranger Artwork: * Maid Marian by Winston [12]

Other nominees:

Best Artwork: Tie between When the Ice Melts by Ramdale [14] and I Love You by Agent Chip [15]

Other nominees:

  • 3D printed Chip Figurine by singhcr [16]
  • Oceans by saraggle91 [17]
  • Gadget's Whiskers by Ramdale [18]
  • Tears of Happiness by Ramdale [19]
  • Hands Off! by saraggle91 [20]

Best Artist: Ramdale

Other nominees:

  • saraggle91
  • Agent Chip

Written Work Awards

Best Song Parody: Rescue Rangers Away! by ModernTimes

Other nominees:

Best Short Story: Tie between A Munk in Sheepish Clothing by t.s. and Resolutions as a Double-Edged Sword by nutsforbrains

Other nominees:

Best Non-Ranger Story: Rangers v. Ponies by Lord Thunder

Best Russian Story: Northblight by Gyrotank

Other nominees:

Best Story: Tie between With a Heart That’s True by Dr. Indy and Working Together by t.s.

Other nominees:

  • Vapor Trails by iceberg210

Best Author: t.s.

Other nominees:

  • iceberg210
  • nutsforbrains
  • ModernTimes
  • Lord Thunder

Rangerphile Awards

The Desert Mouse Most Helpful Rangerphile: Tie between Wiggles and singhcr

Other nominees:

  • ModernTimes

The Greyhound Bus Best Nutcase: Arztek

Other nominees:

The Mark Morgan Most Prolific Rangerphile: Ramdale

Other nominees:

  • iceberg210
  • nutsforbrains
  • saraggle91
  • Lane83ky

Best Caption: bock's car

Special Mention: singhcr for making all the printed 3D Chips, sharing the DA soundtrack, making the drawing tutorials, and contributing so much during his time so far on the Cafe

Other nominees:

Special Recognition Awards

2014 Rookie of the Year: singhcr

Other nominees:

2014 Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award: Tie between Crashburn and Agent Chip

Other nominees:

  • Dr. Indy
  • ModernTimes

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