Zipper Come Home

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Monty taking the king of the water beetles (aka Zipper) home

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Title reference: Play on the movie title Lassie Come Home.

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A tribe of Water Beetles is commanded by a giant frog to bring him a fly. Meanwhile, the Rangers are stuck indoors because of torrential rain. Monty occupies himself cooking, but insists on secrecy; he orders Zipper to stand guard. Chip, Dale and Gadget make various attempts to infiltrate the kitchen, culminating in Gadget blowing up the door and ruining Monty's cooking, for which Zipper is blamed. His feelings hurt, Zipper runs away. Drowning his sorrows in rotting fruit at an insect establishment, Zipper is abducted by the water beetles. The others eventually realize that he has run away, and Monty goes looking for him. Monty finds Zipper's toque and concludes that he has been taken against his will. Monty follows the water beetles' tracks to the storm drain. The other Rangers decide to follow Monty in the Ranger Wing. Monty stumbles onto the Water Beetle village, where Zipper is being treated like royalty by the beetles. He wants Zipper to return, however, he finds the fly unwilling to do so. Zipper soon discovers, however, that he is being fattened up to be fed to the "great god Ribbit." Monty sends smoke signals to the other Rangers, who are reunited. They discuss the situation. Chip, Dale and Gadget go back to the water beetle's village to talk to Zipper, and catch the villagers about to sacrifice Zipper to the frog. He is rescued, but the Ranger Wing is shot down by the water beetles. Chip, Dale and Gadget are imprisoned in a cage, and the water beetles return to attempting to sacrifice Zipper. Monty shows up and is informed by Gadget and Chip of the situation. Monty goes to save Zipper. Monty distracts Ribbit by disguising himself as a fly. Working together, Monty and Zipper defeat Ribbit. The other rangers are released from the cage, as the water beetles are grateful to be freed from the cruel dominion of the giant frog. Everyone is happily reunited.


The Rescue Rangers Ribbit (The hungry "god" of the Water Beetles, a giant frog.) Chief Beetlebreath (Leader of the Water Beetle village.)