Witcheroo! VHS tape

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Format: VHS

Release date: September 3, 1996

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video

Available video format: NTSC

Runtime: 44 minutes

CDRR episode count: 1 (out of 2 episodes altogether)

General information

The Witcheroo VHS tape was a special Disney/Buena Vista video release in late Summer 1996. It contains one episode of Darkwing Duck and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers each, both dealing with witches. It is often associated with Halloween, although it came almost two months early for that occasion.

The cover of Witcheroo! shows Darkwing Duck swinging on a rope with Gosalyn clinging to him. Below them is a cauldron on a fire, and Winifred is standing to the right of the cauldron, swinging her magic staff and causing sparks to appear around her. The background with a full moon, a strange building and some bare trees adds another bit of spookiness.

Among Rangerphiles, it is quite a sought-after item, because it is still the only ever official release of the episode Good Times, Bat Times which introduced the much-beloved one-shot character Foxglove to the audience.

Witcheroo! was the last official CDRR video product until the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 1 DVD box came out. Interestingly, it was released exactly three years after the day the last CDRR episode was aired on syndication. By the year 1996, the Dark Ages had ended, and the online Rescue Rangers fandom was in its early days. Whether this development, together with Foxglove's popularity, had an influence on Disney compiling this tape can only be speculated.

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