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Winston joined the Acorn Cafe on or about October 1, 2002. He has created numerous pieces of fanart and fanfiction, becoming moderately well known in the community for them.


  • Contributions:
    Winston took responsibility for hosting, maintaining and updating the RRDatabase for a period of about three years. He also served as a moderator on the Acorn Cafe's RRt Board until June, 2007.
  • Controversies / Intrafandom conflicts:
    Winston has declined to accept Golden Acorn Awards or participate in any aspect of their presentation ceremony for the last three years (as of the 2007 GAAs) in protest over one of the rules in place at the The Acorn Cafe.

Fan Fiction

Winston's writings on the RRdatabase

  • Notes on Winston's fan fiction universe:
    Some of this author's earlier writing is comprised of pieces that stand individually, but the bulk of his writing is generally encompassed in two distinct arcs, which run somewhat parallel to each other. The first has its foundation laid down in the stories "A Fleeting Reunion" and "Dividing The Emptiness", centered around Tammy. A second arc then emerges, centered around an original character named Jade, for "Dust and Ashes", a short piece entitled "Jade's diary entry", and "The Ocean". In "Two Conversations", this second arc ends and the author's focus transitions back towards Tammy, returning to the arc that began with her and reaching a final resolution through "Photographs" and "Lifecycle". A third arc of stories, centering around a devastating war taking place in Japan over a period of ten years, has been hinted at in some of this author's previously released pieces of writing, but this is as yet largely undeveloped, with the exception of the establishment of the character of Mariko Setsugen.


Winston's artwork on the RRdatabase

  • Notes on Winston's fanart:
    Ranges through physical and digital media, with many images being initially drawn in pencils and coloring work then done digitally. This artist's current body of work is almost exclusively female characters, with a particular emphasis on Tammy.