When Mice Were Men

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Gadget scavenges parts to build a mechanical matador

Writing Credits: Eric Lewald

First Aired: October 24, 1989

Title reference: Play on the novel titled Of Mice and Men.

Episode Number: 37

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1223


The Rangers are called to the village of Tramplonia, Spain (pronounced "trample-on-ya") to rescue them from an attack. On arriving, they find the village is about to celebrate the running of the bulls, but one bull, El Emenopio has been attacking the mice. Eventually, it comes out that the villagers believe Monty (El Monte Grande to the villagers) saved them from the bull many years ago but the bull is now back for revenge. El Emenopio stops the other bulls from participating in the annual festival, ruining the festival. The Rangers track the bulls to an enclosed area, finding the missing bulls; but they are then attacked by El Emenopio. As the Rangers hide, Monty confesses that he was simply in the right place and through chance the bull was defeated the last time. The Rangers build a Mechanical Matador and are able to defeat the bull and save the festival.


The Rescue Rangers

Don Quijole

El Emenopio


The Ranger Wing

The Mechanical Matador


Villagers: El Monte Grande!

Dale: I thought his name was Monterey Jack.

Gadget: I'm surprised Monty, I thought we'd heard all your stories.

Chip: Yeah, several times.

Chip: Maybe Dale really is a great hero. Nah.

Gadget: Hop inside guys, and I'll show you how this thing works. Or, at least how it's supposed to work.

Gadget: Now, let's see, the cotangent of the trajectory should equal the square root of the determinant times four. Or was it times three?


  • In this episode, Chip actually bonks himself for thinking Dale is a hero
  • Gadget is shown using rodent-sized books (presumably physics or engineering related), a compass, and a slide rule to finish "Plan C." It is not clear where she acquired these items.