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Charles Sinclair or simply Sinclair is a relatively new Acorn Cafe patron and a RangerWiki contributor. He joined the Cafe on 25th February 2007, and has remained an active poster ever since.

Notable Projects

3D Artwork

Sinclair is a 3D artist by hobby, and has created several pieces of artwork worth mentioning. In regards to this, he has been known to say "for me, a project is never truly complete." Among them are renderings of the Albacore and the Screaming Eagle II. He has also done models on request, such as the IMS Aachen for Sajuuk. His ultimate project is known as Gadget's Museum of Inventions.


The only story he has authored to date is a self-insertion that became his introduction, entitled The Man Called Sinclair. A follow-up story to be entitled Full Circle is currently in the works.