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History in the fandom

Framwinkle joined the Rescue Ranger fandom in early 1998 when the Acorn Cafe was first founded. He was an active participant there until sometime in 2000 when he got married to Chipette, another Rangerphile he met on the board. He fell into obscurity for a few years until 2005 when the Cafe was moved to a PHPBB forum, at which time he rejoined. Shortly afterwards he was made a moderator, and then assistant administrator, at the Cafe by Dr. Indy, and he continues to assist in moderation duties to this day.

Framwinkle: What's in a name?

When Framwinkle first joined the Cafe, he used his real name, like many of the people there at the time. A few months later, though, he decided that he wanted a nickname, since it would be safer, and funner, than continuing to use his real name in public. Framwinkle took his name from the episode "Does Pavlov Ring a Bell", when Sparky is showing Gadget around his lab and she sees something off screen which she calls a "left-hinged framwinkle"


Beyond the Fandom

Although Framwinkle still helps out at the Cafe, he's not as active in the fandom as he used to be, and his interest in Rescue Rangers is waning. Presently he's more interested in Tiny Toon Adventures, and is trying to grow a small Tiny Toons forum he started called Acme Acres