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Based in Mount Vernon Ohio Jordan Eshelman or Dr Hackwrench as he is known by on the acorn cafe'is a hospital porter and convention chair of an up and coming anime convention called Hatsucon(formerly Knoxcon).Outside of his ranger faandom he is a huge fan of anime and Sonic the Hedgehog he is a suppoter of and good friends with current Sonic voice actor Jason Griffith(who also attended a chat session Jordan hosted with current dr eggman voice Mike Pollock).Other voice actors in anime he is good friends with include Johnny Yong Bosch,Stephanie Sheh,Derek Stephen Prince,and Michelle Ruff.He hopes to draw manga like a pro.


Dr Hackwrench is a huge Gadgetphile(hence the name) he has made countless anime and sonic style artwork and has recently made a mixture of short stories and song parodies about Gadget on the acorn cafe'. More is to be expected of him.


  • He is one of few people to have a Gadget+Me status in Gadgets love life (cause He has had a crush on her sence he first saw her and is possibily in love with her ^_^)
  • He has had dinner with Famous anime voice actors amoung one of them was Peter Fernandez voice of Speed Racer in the original Speed Racer cartoons