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I'm a fan of Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers (obviously). I create fanart, available on my DeviantArt Page. I have a website and I post primarily at Chip & Dale Online. My main contribution to this Wiki so far has been writing a few missing episode summaries.

I am working on adding summaries for the various comics. So far: Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 18 Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 19

I highly value the freedom of expression, even in such trivial venues like Internet forums. While some forms of expression may be legitimately prohibited, e.g. hate speech, tobacco advertising, or obscenity, the process by which this is done should be transparent and according to the mores and consensus of the community.

Thus, when the Acorn Cafe contributor Azona recently sent a private message to many members politely outlining his views regarding changes to some of the rules there, and was subsequently not merely banned but "disappeared" altogether, it gave me pause. I have no objection in principle to the Cafe rules prohibiting the discussion of certain character relationships, provided they reflect the values of the community, but this sort of pernicious censorship is deeply disturbing. "Don't argue the rules" is a policy typical of unfree governance, as is "disappearing" dissenters.

Therefore, out of principled opposition to censorship, I am linking to Azona's manifesto, here.