Too Huge To Be True

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: April 1 to May 20/21, 2006

First released: April 25 to May 21, 2006. The story was posted one chapter a day; days with no chapter were followed by days with two chapters and some hours between them. Only the last chapter was delayed a few hours.

Title reference: Huge refers to the aircraft engineer Howard Huge, his giant seaplane called The Marabou which plays a great role in the story, and the dimensions of the story itself which the author considers rather long for a crossover of that degree; To Be True means that almost the whole plot is a dream.

Part of series: Too Huge To Be True is the first regular story in Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Technically, its sequel is Lost And Found.

Length after (before) the refurbishment: 37,133 (37,025) words (the whole work), 36,977 (36,869) words (only the story text plus preface); 26 chapters and a preface

Rating: All ages

The idea of crossing Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers over with TaleSpin is almost as old as the oldest online CDRR fan fiction. But due to the differences between the two universes—not only the periods of time—no CDRR/TaleSpin crossover has ever been entirely written, let alone published, until 2006 when Midnight Man used a trick to combine these two universes in a full-blown crossover—he made everything happen in a dream.

This story's working process started on April 1, just a few hours after the last chapter of Midnight At The Café had been released, and the last chapter was finished immediately before it was posted at the Acorn Cafe the night between May 20 and 21. New Year 2007 brought some slight improvements as the already published story was edited once more.

Something furthermore interesting about Too Huge To Be True is that Kevin Sharbaugh stated during the publishing process that he had more than just an idea concerning such a crossover, it was actually a story concept, and he even foresaw Geegaw Hackwrench appearing in the story.


The Rescue Rangers have taken an afternoon off and spent it watching an 8-hour TaleSpin marathon. This doesn't lack consequences: That night, Gadget dreams herself and the other Rangers to Cape Suzette into the world of TaleSpin. This is where the problems start: The Rangers, about as tall as everyone else in this world, find out that they'll need money to get along. The Higher for Hire crew is in urgent need of help on a delivery for the preparations of a ball which Baloo and Rebecca will attend the same evening. And the crazy aircraft engineer Howard Huge has to retrieve the Marabou, the biggest bird he has ever designed, which has ditched in a desert on its second flight some years ago, and which has been so secret that nobody really believes in its existence.

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers

Lahwhinie – The correct spelling of her name is LaWahini in this story, and the pronunciation is a tidbit different, too. Unfortunately, no-one except herself knows that or can tell the difference, so she is being called Lawhiney all the time.

Geegaw Hackwrench

Canonical (TaleSpin)


Kit Cloudkicker

Rebecca Cunningham

Molly Cunningham



Don Karnage

The Air Pirates

Howard Huge

Original (CDRR)

Dawn van Zant

Original (TaleSpin)

Ol' Rufus



Canonical (CDRR)

The Screaming Eagle – This story shows Geegaw's plane equipped with pontoons and converted into a seaplane, yet still capable of landing on solid ground.

Canonical (TaleSpin)

The Sea Duck

The Iron Vulture

The CT-37 Pirate Fighters

Original (TaleSpin)

The Rangergull

The Marabou

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