Throw Mummy From the Train

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Wexler, about to chop Dale in half to get the ring

Writing Credits: Julia J. Roberts & Dev Ross

First Aired: October 11, 1989

Title reference: Play on the movie title Throw Momma From the Train.

Episode Number: 28

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1215


A group of archeologists in Egypt discover a ring. One of them, Wexler, decides to steal the ring for himself as he believes it will open an ancient treasure. The mummy charged to guard the ring is unsuccessful in stopping Wexler. The Rangers acquire the ring and attempt to help the mummy protect it from Wexler. As it turns out, the ring actually releases a demon (the Sphinx). Once released, the Spinx attacks the group. Wtih the mummy's help, the Rangers are able to remove the ring and stop the Sphinx.


The Rescue Rangers








Monty (To Chip about Gadget): Whenever she says should cross your fingers.

Monty: She said should again mates, watch out.

Dale: Demon, diamond, whats the big deal?

Hyrem (Mummy): I told him I was a mummy. He said he loved children.

Hyrem: My job is saved! A guy like me doesn't have many employment opportunities.

Monty: Are you sure this will work Gadget?

Gadget: Sure! Well not really, but it should.

Monty: Why do I ask?


  • All the Rangers except Chip appear in explorer themed headgear throughout the show.
  • The Egyptian names are wordplays. E.g., King Nut-Ahn-Kahmen sounds like "not uncommon" and is similar to Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharoh