They Shoot Dogs, Don't They

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The chipmunks and Canina LaFur swing out of harm's way

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Title reference: The title is a play on the title of a book and subsequent film, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? [1] Although intensely dark, the original novel and movie have been punned on and parodied by many sources.

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Canina LaFur sends the Rescue Rangers a postcard from her latest set in Taxidermia, saying that someone is trying to kill her. She turns out to be correct as her stand-in, Zsa Zsa Laborador, strands her and a very grumpy Monty in the Taxidermian wilds, where hunting is rampant. Canina is adamant about getting home in time to receive an industry award, but Monty is more concerned with the world-class hunter targeting them.


The Rescue Rangers

Canina LaFur

Zsa Zsa Laborador

Wild Bill Hiccup


Tin Can Steamboat


Canina: Mickey, does this river lead out of Taxidermia?

Monty: Yes. And for the last time, my name's Monterey Jack!

Canina: I would like to thank all of my fans who followed me for years and years and years and yea- wait a minute, what am I saying?


This marks Canina's second appearance on the show.