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(The Voices)
(The Voices)
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=== The Voices ===
=== The Voices ===
[[Greg Berger]] (Wild Bill Hiccup)
[[Greg Berger]] ([[Wild Bill Hiccup]])
[[Susan Blu]]
[[Susan Blu]]
[[Corey Burton]] (Dale, Zipper, Snout, Mole, Bud Snake, Moe, Poptop, Chief of the Kiwi's, Normie Nimnul, Macduff, Brik, Roger Baskerville, Dr. Piltdown, Euripides, Davey, Jebee, Stormy the Pi-Rat, Wexler, Ratatouille, Robocat)
[[Corey Burton]] ([[Dale]], [[Zipper]], [[Snout]], [[Mole]], [[Bud Snake]], [[Moe]], [[Poptop]], [[Chief of the Kiwi's]], [[Normie Nimnul]], [[Macduff]], [[Brik]], [[Roger Baskerville]], [[Dr. Piltdown]], [[Euripides]], [[Davey]], [[Jebee]], [[Stormy the Pi-Rat]], [[Wexler]], [[Ratatouille]], [[Tom|Robocat]])
[[Frank Buxton]] (Mr Starfish)
[[Frank Buxton]] (Mr Starfish)

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Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a cartoon that was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation in the late 1980s. It was first aired on March 5, 1989, the initial run ending with the final episode airing on November 19, 1990.

The show follows the adventures of the "Rescue Rangers", a team of four rodents and a fly that take it upon themselves to fight crime.


You can view the full list of here, but below is a list of primary characters:

The Heroes



Gadget Hackwrench

Monterey Jack (Monty)


The Villains

Fat Cat

Norton Nimnul

The Episodes

65 episodes were created in total. Each episode ran for approximately 22 minutes.

Here is a complete listing:

  1. Piratsy Under the Seas
  2. Catteries Not Included
  3. Dale Beside Himself
  4. Flash the Wonder Dog
  5. Out to Launch
  6. Kiwi's Big Adventure
  7. Adventures in Squirrelsitting
  8. Pound of the Baskervilles
  9. Risky Beesness
  10. Three Men and a Booby
  11. The Carpetsnaggers
  12. Bearing Up Baby
  13. Parental Discretion Retired
  14. To the Rescue (Part 1)
  15. To the Rescue (Part 2)
  16. To the Rescue (Part 3)
  17. To the Rescue (Part 4)
  18. To the Rescue (Part 5)
  19. A Lad in a Lamp
  20. The Luck Stops Here
  21. Battle of the Bulge
  22. Ghost of a Chance
  23. An Elephant Never Suspects
  24. Fake Me to Your Leader
  25. Last Train to Cashville
  26. A Case of Stage Blight
  27. The Case of the Cola Cult
  28. Throw Mummy From the Train
  29. A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
  30. Robocat
  31. Does Pavlov Ring a Bell
  32. Prehysterical Pet
  33. A Creep in the Deep
  34. Normie's Science Project
  35. Seer No Evil
  36. Chipwrecked Shipmunks
  37. When Mice Were Men
  38. Chocolate Chips
  39. The Last Leprechaun
  40. Weather or Not
  41. One Upsman-Chip
  42. Shell Shocked
  43. Love Is A Many Splintered Thing
  44. Song of the Night 'n Dale
  45. Double O'Chipmunk
  46. Gadget Goes Hawaiian
  47. It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale
  48. Short Order Crooks
  49. Mind Your Cheese and Q's
  50. Out of Scale
  51. Dirty Rotten Diapers
  52. Good Times, Bat Times
  53. Pie in the Sky
  54. Le Purrfect Crime
  55. When You Fish Upon a Star
  56. Rest Home Rangers
  57. A Lean on the Property
  58. The Pied Piper Power Play
  59. Gorilla of My Dreams
  60. The S.S. DrainPipe
  61. Zipper Come Home
  62. Puffed Rangers
  63. A Fly in the Ointment
  64. A Chorus Crime
  65. They Shoot Dogs, Don't They

Behind The Scenes

The Staff

Tad Stones

The Voices

Greg Berger (Wild Bill Hiccup)

Susan Blu

Corey Burton (Dale, Zipper, Snout, Mole, Bud Snake, Moe, Poptop, Chief of the Kiwi's, Normie Nimnul, Macduff, Brik, Roger Baskerville, Dr. Piltdown, Euripides, Davey, Jebee, Stormy the Pi-Rat, Wexler, Ratatouille, Robocat)

Frank Buxton (Mr Starfish)

Ruth Buzzi (Ma)

Hamilton Camp (Cheif Beatlebreath)

Pat Caroll (Koko the Gorilla)

Victoria Caroll (Pomona)

Carol Channing (Canina Le Fur)

Peter Cullen (Monterey Jack, Meps, Offiocer Kirby, Officer Muldoon, Mr Stanislavsky, Nemo, Voltaire, Chief Hermit Crab, Mr Gribbish, Brak, Restaurant owner, Pharoah's Demon, Mr Hancock, Ratso Ratskiwatski)

Brian Cummings (Arnold Mousenegger)

Jim Cummings (Monterey Jack, Fat Cat, Wart, Sergeant Spinelli, Professor Norton Nimnul, Stan Blather, Jolly Roger, Spud, Conrad Cockatoo, Mr Whizzer, Steggy, Clyde Cosgrove, Butch the bulldog, Pepto Gizmo, Hubert, Elmer, Barnacle Bill, Lord Howie Baskerville, Mr Quigley, Sir Colby, Rocco, Dr Crockery, Hiram the mummy, Chirp Sing, Heinrich Von Sugarbottom, Chedderhead Charlie, Bubbles, Lou Spider, Dr Hibbleman, Baby Thaddeus, Hoo You, Monsieur Le Sewer)

Bernard Fox

Kathleen Freeman (Ma)

Danny Gans (Seymour the travel agent, ry, Moose, Muscles, Sparky, Buzz, Groucho Marx Pigeon)

Joan Gerber (Zsa Zsa Labrador)

Tim Hoskins

Patti Howeth (Queen of the Banshees)

Robert Ito (Chow Ming)

Tress MacNeille (Chip, Gadget, Siamese Twins, Winifred, Cassandra the fortune teller, Mrs Squirrel, Joy Rider, Spunky, Kismet, Existential Mouse, Jeremy, Jimmy, Harriet Wolf, Lady Richmore, Mrs Hancock)

Jimmy Macdonald (Humphrey the Bear)

Chuck McCann (Sugar Ray Lizard, The Red Badger of Courage)

Sindy McKay (Queenie Bee, Irweena Allen, Su Lien, Elliot the Elephant, Female Panda, Desiree D'Allure)

Michael Merton

Laura Mooney (Mandy)

Howard Morris (Maltese Le Sade)

Noelle North (Tammy Squirrel, Binky Squirrel)

Alan Oppenheimer (Aldrin Klordane, Plato, Captain Kernal)

Rob Paulsen (Flash the Wonder Dog, Detective Donald Drake, Percy, Frenchie, Police Chief, Darby Spree, Tito, Harry Wolf, Myron, Heebee, Don Quijole, Clarence Dudley, Emperor Dim Sum, Male Panda, Erol, Shake-Baka, Captain Finn, Dirk Suave, Louie)

Dev Ross

Fran Ryan (Camembert Kate)

Will Ryan (Dale singing)

Maureen Schrum

Pete Schrum (Sewernose De Bergerac, Chief Hubba-Hubba, Francis, Elemenopeio)

Russi Taylor

Deborah Waley (Foxglove, Lahini, Buffy Ratskiwatski)

Frank Welker (Todd, Ribit)

Anderson Wong (Fu Manchow)

Tom Wyner (Fat Cat singing)

Diana Zaslove (Female human opera singer)


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