The S.S. DrainPipe

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The Rangers, following Dale dressed as "The Red Badger of Courage"

Writing Credits: Michael P. Nelson, Burt Brown

First Aired: May 2, 1990

Title reference:

Episode Number: 60

Season: 2

Production Number: 32


While on a test run of Gadget's new invention - the Turbocharged Dustbuster, the Rangers stumble upon a mysterious disappearance of model ships from a toy store. The lead goes to the sewers, where Rat Capone is using slave labor to build a castle for himself. The Rangers manage to free Capone's slaves, but Dale's fascination with a cartoon hero - The Red Badger of Courage - leads to everyone except him becoming the Rat's new slaves.




Gadget Hackwrench

Monterey Jack


Rat Capone

Sugar Ray Lizard

Arnold Mousenegger

The Red Badger of Courage

Mikey the piranha


Turbocharged Dustbuster

Gadget's Cola Cup Submarine

Gadget's Crane

Queen Marie

Tug Boat

Sea Scooter


Gadget: It's a battery-operated turbo-charged Dustbuster with reversed polarity, rack and pinion steering and hyperfoil fenders.

Dale: What does that mean?

Monty: It means it's fun to ride, so get on.

Dale: Take that! And that! Take that you plastic impostor!

Store Owner: These cheap stuffed toys always falling down. This one really looks phony.

Rat Capone: You dirty rat! You're interrupting my favorite program and just when the bad guy is winning!

Arnold Mousenegger: But boss! The good guy is right outside!