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The Magic Sword, often called The Magic Sword of the Antis, was a fictional device used by pre-eminent Rangerphile Julie Bihn during the slapstick combat that would spontaneously erupt across the boards at the Acorn Cafe.


  • In June of 1998 legendary Rangerphile Natasha Kashefipour turned day-to-day operations of the Acorn Cafe over to the equally well respected Julie Bihn. Bihn quickly joked that she had convinced Kashefipour to hand over the Acorn Cafe' by pricking her with a "magic sword". This quickly set off a series of comedic explorations of the theme with individual Rangerphiles (especially Karl) adding to the perceived powers of the blade, giving it the power to "zombify" Pros into Antis.
  • It was during this comedy that the Insane Gadget Plushie also appeared, created by Kashefipour to answer the growing powers of the sword. Thus two of the most important pieces of Acorn Cafe iconography have their genesis in the same day and thread!
  • Bihn continued to occasionally use the Magic Sword of the Antis during the remainder of her active time on the boards and in the Rescue Rangers Fan Community.
  • After the departure of Julie Bihn, the Magic Sword of the Antis next appears in the possession of Campisi, one of the most prolific posters ever seen at the Acorn Cafe. Taking on the erstwhile role of barkeep at the Cafe, he begins offering Iridescent Coloured Coffee made using magic that flowed from the sword to new members of the Cafe, in the hope that they too would become Antis through its strength; this, of course, was meant humorously. In keeping with his self-proclaimed neutrality on the matter, he feigned ignorance of the effects of the sword on the coffee.
  • Since the banning of Campisi, no Rangerphile has claimed the Magic Sword as their own. Perhaps the sword has been laid to rest out of reverence for the legacy of the two previous wielders; or, perhaps there are none who have the internal fortitude to handle the otherworldly power of the blade.

Fan-Fiction Conventions

  • In The Rangerillion the Magic Sword of the Antis is one of three swords wielded by Lady Bihn, the others being the blades of Rage and Roar.


  • In January of 1999 Framwinkle presented Julie Bihn with an actual Magic Sword as a present when they met. It was, in fact, a purple "lightsaber" novelty toy.

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