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[[Image:The_Luck_Stops_Here.jpg|right|frame|Clyde Cogsgrove holds Gadget aloft]]
'''Writing Credits:''' [[Kevin Hopps]], [[LuAnne Wood]]
'''Writing Credits:''' [[Kevin Hopps]], [[LuAnne Wood]]

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Clyde Cogsgrove holds Gadget aloft

Writing Credits: Kevin Hopps, LuAnne Wood

First Aired: First aired in the US on October 6, 1989.

Title Reference: The title is a play on the phrase "the buck stops here".

Episode Number: 20

Season: 2

Production Number: 20


While testing Gadget's latest invention, a diving suit, in a fountain, the Rescue Rangers get to know Clyde Cosgrove, an inventor who has gone utterly unsuccessful. Apart from that, he is so superstitious that an encounter with a little black cat sends him into trouble, his immediate surroundings into chaos, and Gadget into his brief-case.

Zipper manages to follow Cosgrove to where he works, while the other Rangers find it out by examining the parts he has left behind. Cosgrove's job is to invent new and innovative automatic food processors for his boss, Mr. Gribbish, head of Gribbish Kitchen Appliances. Unfortunately, his recent invention, the Meal-O-Matic, doesn't work at all, let alone as desired. His only companion is Kismet, a rotund white cat who he believes gives him luck. But then he discovers Gadget who had taken her chance to fix his inventions, and he decides to keep her as his new living good luck charm.

As soon as Cosgrove leaves the two animals alone, Kismet tries to attack Gadget who is saved by Zipper—not only because they are cat and mouse respectively, but also because Kismet senses unwanted competition. She tells Gadget that she actually sabotages Cosgrove's inventions so she can stay with him. Gadget manages to convince her that if Cosgrove doesn't get the Meal-O-Matic working, Gribbish will dispose of him and his pet. Though Kismet allows Gadget to fix that one single device, the danger is far from over, but the Rangers are on their way to rescue their teammate.


The Rescue Rangers

Clyde Cosgrove

Mr. Gribbish



The Ranger Plane

The Glove Suit

Clyde Cosgrove's Inventions


Chip: How's the diving suit working, Gadget?

Gadget: A-OK. In fact, I'd say this diving suit is Ranger-ready.

Cosgrove: Oh, I wish I might, oh I wish I may, have this be my lucky day!

Kismet: There's only room for one lucky pet round here, and your luck's just run out!

Gadget: Is that any reason to... eat me?

Kismet: Well, that and the fact that you are a mouse.

Monty: Now boys, leave the driving to me. I'm the one with experience. Why, I piloted an autogyro made of Canadian Goose feathers and never had a problem. Except every winter, the blinking plane kept headin' south.


The address of Gribbish Kitchen Appliances is 3436 Flower Street. A Flower Street exists in Los Angeles.

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