The Last Leprechaun

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King Darby traps the Rangers

Writing Credits: David Wise

First Aired: October 26, 1989

Title reference: A straightforward reference to Darby Spree. Possibly also an allusion to the movie title The Last Unicorn.

Episode Number: 39

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1226


The Rangers are in Ireland and find themselves wrapped up in the troubles of the Last Leprechaun. After crash landing in a fog, Dale catches Darby Spree, a leprechaun. Darby convinces the Rangers to return to his home, where he traps them. However, Darby's magic weakens and the Rangers are able to escape. Darby tells them that he is actually the last of the leprechauns as the rest have been enslaved by a banshee and that his powers are weakening since she must have stolen his pot of gold. The Rangers agree to help rescue the other leprechauns and the gold (Dale being convinced he'll receive gold for his efforts). While encountering the banshee, Darby is cornered and Dale insists on the gold. Darby then magically gives Dale the title of King of Leprechauns, giving Dale his status. The Banshee sends Dale to her underground mine where the other leprechauns must mine gold for her. The other Rangers and Darby then work to get the pot of gold back and hide it so Darby's powers will return. Meanwhile, Dale organizes a rebellion of the leprechauns. The Rangers (minus Dale) succeed in launching the pot of gold away from the banshee's mansion and to a hiding place. Dale's rebellion succeeds in distracting the banshee long enough for the leprechauns' magic to return. The banshee is banished to her own gold mine, closing the case.


The Rescue Rangers

Darby Spree



The Ranger Plane

Rocket Sled


Gadget: (on being inquired after moving the pot of gold) Improbable.

Monty: Uh, don't you mean, eh "impossible"?

Gadget: (indignantly) Of course not Monty, nothing's impossible.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Monty says they're in England to look for his roots. However, they apparently flew to Ireland by mistake
  • Darby Spree's home is an exact copy of King Brian's throne room from Darby O'Gill and the Little People