The Carpetsnaggers

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Gadget examines the electronics of the "magic" carpets

Writing Credits: Somtow Sucharitkul

First Aired: First aired in the U.S. on May 7, 1989

Title reference: Reference to the title of the movie The Carpetbaggers

Episode Number: 11

Season: 1

Production Order: 3

Production Number: CDRR 1111


After saving a dog that found its way up to the top of a sky scraper due to his dog house flying away, the Rangers try to find the reason behind the flying dog house. They find a flying carpet and later find the same magic carpets stealing things from various people. Behind the plot is Professor Nimnul and the Rangers continually try and stop his plot by stopping the carpets.


The Rescue Rangers

Kirby & Muldoon

Professor Norton Nimnul (a.k.a. Ali Bimbo)



Vonda Clutchcoin


The Ranger Plane

Nimnul's Flying Carpets

The Anti-carpet Electromagnet


"Golly there's got to be an explanation." Gadget

"Sorcery" Monty

"Almost like a kind of electronic circuit" Gadget

"A sure sign of lurking evil" Monty

"Crikey, him a wizard?" Monty

"No just your basic mad scientist." Gadget