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Bill "Tex" Henson (1924 - 2002) was an American animator and story artist who worked at the Disney and Paramount Famous studios during his early career. He joined Disney as an assistant animator in 1945 shortly after graduating from high school in Dallas. The year afterwards, he worked on Song of the South, a film combining live action and animation, which was Disney's first post-war feature, and Peter and the Wolf, a short based on Prokofiev's musical tale.

He also did the animation for Pecos Bill, a musical segment about a tall-tale-telling cowboy in Melody Time, released in 1948.

Henson made a name for himself by campaigning to make animated chipmunk duo Chip 'n' Dale regular characters in the Disney repertory. He is credited with having named Disney's Chipmunk duo "Chip 'n Dale".

Tex Henson was killed on December 2, 2002, after being struck by a vehicle while crossing a street near Dallas, Texas. He was 78.

To commemorate the honor of the man who created Chip and Dale and made the Rangers’ existence possible, The Golden Acorn Award for 'Best All-Time Fanfic' was named after him.