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>On the other hand, it is said in Weather Or Not that there has never been any snow in this city.

Please refresh me? I don't remember this exactly. I remember there being discussion that it wouldn't snow on such a hot day, but not that there was never snow. If I'm incorrect, please yell!

Also, although it's shaky canon, the park was snowed in and RRHQ had dropped its leaves during the Christmas advertisement.


I checked "Weather Or Not" closely and they don't say that it never snows in their city.

Also..."Lancashire and Cuenga", mentioned in It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale! and A Wolf in Cheap Clothing, is a real crossing in Los Angeles.

The subtitles on both episodes say "Lankershim" not "Lancashire", and that is what it sounds like. The subtitles also say "Cuenga" is spelled "Cahuenga". According to google maps "Lankershim" and "Cahuenga" are the actual street names.