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I added a link to "Closer Than a Brother" on the RRDatabase, but then I saw the RRDatabase wiki page, and the note about how linking to the RRDatabase from the Rangerwiki would violate the wiki's TOS. I wasn't sure if that would include just linking to specific pages on the RRDatabase, so I removed the link. There are a few other things linked to the RRDatabase from the wiki though, such as "Rhyme and Reason". Is it only linking to the RRDatabase main site that is not allowed on the wiki, or should all links to any specific pages on the RRDatabase be removed as well?


IMO, I'd think removing internal links would fit best with our current rules, because it is easy to navigate on RRDatabase from one work to another. That said, there's so much there that it might be damaging to the Wiki to exclude everything, because we're here to help people find information... Maybe we should make an exception and put a disclaimer on the page saying "you may find mature content if you follow links on this page." Lance? (: --Kandei

I think there might have been some misunderstanding here. There is no R-rated "mature content" (overtly exposing nudity or highly graphic violence) on the RRDatabase. In reality, there's not much there that wouldn'y fly at the Cafe (most of the RRDatabase's content has been featured on the Cafe at some time or another, in fact), and even the few pieces that wouldn't aren't way out there in "R" rated territory (RRDatabase policy has always been that around PG-13 is the limit). I really don't think the disclaimer that's there is very accurate, it seems to me like it gives the impression that the RRDatabase is way worse than it really is or ever has been. I don't want to just go cutting it out of there myself (I'm obviously not a completely unbiased party, and I'll admit that, so I don't know how much editing I should really do), but does someone wanna look into revising / possibly removing that? --Winston 09:15, 19 July 2008 (PDT)

Sorry Winston. I didn't mean to blow it out of proportion (though personally, I've always seen the RRDatabase's policies as relatively inclusive and liked it for that; I remember you let me post something with a lotta naughty words.) I'd suggest you do edit the disclaimer to what you feel is more accurate/fair, and if someone objects or has another idea we go from there. Don't fear editing wikis; that's how they work. --Kandei-chan 21:14, 7 September 2008 (PDT)