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How are we determining "first episode"? Strict episode numbers, or are we counting To the Rescue first? Kandei-chan

To me it looks like the list is sorted by the episode numbers.

Midnight Man

Hmmm..."Please ensure DVD subtitle spelling if possible." OK, so we should consider the DVD subtitles as official now? A couple that come to mind are of course Lahwhinie, or "Lawhinie" on the DVD, and "Klutchkoin", spelled "Clutchcoin" on the DVD.

Also, why is "Fat Cat" at the top of the list as one of the recurring villains, but "Fat Cat's Henchmen" are listed separately as first appearing in "Flash the Wonder Dog"? This seems strange, as Fat Cat's henchmen are in every episode that Fat Cat is in.


Shouldn't Nimnul's mechanical bulldogs be classified as "Contraptions" not "Characters"?


They could be both, like Tom. - CCC