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Tad Stones was the creative mind and producer behind the Rescue Rangers. Not few episodes have been written or co-written by him.

Today, he is working for Film Roman where pupspals has managed to stay in contact with him. Already before she was hired, she had a chance to do an e-mail interview with him and had him answer a long list of questions collected from the Rangerphiles at the Acorn Cafe before. Another interview was done earlier by Robert Hollingshead.

Tad Stones still remembers the Acorn Cafe. He used to be a registered member, and he has even posted once.

His name in the Rangerillion in which, like in the real history of the fandom, he plays a key role is Thaddeus of the Stones.

Episodes written or co-written by Tad Stones

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Interview with IGN Comics, although it is about Hellboy Animated, it mentions the Rangers and Tad Stones' views on sequels