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[[Category:One-shot characters]]
[[Category:One-shot characters]]

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Spunky is the kitten which the small girl first reports to the police as missing in the episode Catteries Not Included. It is his disappearance that sets the Rangers on the case.

Canonical Information



Episode and Role

Spunky appeared in only one episode, Catteries Not Included.

When the Rangers first arrive at Nimnul's laboratory, Spunky is the first cat that they release. But after Gadget convinces them to free all the cats, and run into difficulties, Spunky shows great courage to help them liberate all his 'friends'.

He is eventually returned to his owner at the end of the episode, groomed and wearing a cute ribbon, which Spunky himself is quite disapproving of!


Spunky was voiced by Tress MacNeille (Gadget, Chip et al)

Spunky bears a strong resemblance to Oliver of Oliver and Company.

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