Short Order Crooks

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The Rangers are ready for Monty's Cheese Chowder

Writing Credits: Mark Edens

First Aired: February 5, 1990

Title reference: Pun on the job description short order cook, a chef who makes simple foods to order, especially at a diner or grill.

Episode Number: 48

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1235


Monty's attempt make his famous cheese chowder end in an explosion of the pressure cooker, leading him to search for somewhere else to make the concoction. He goes to Ma's diner, where the police are regular customers. Two crooks, Spud & Fry, fool Ma into leaving for a week while they tunnel into the bank next door. However, the cops come in the morning expecting breakfast. The only food available is Monty's cheese chowder, which turns out to be a big hit. As the week goes on, the crooks tire themselves serving chowder and the Rangers continue to make it every night to help Ma. However, near the end of the week, the Rangers realize the two are crooks. They manage to foil the crooks' plan, clean up the diner, and leave the cheese chowder recipe for Ma on her return.


The Rescue Rangers


Spud & Fry

Kirby & Muldoon


pressure cooker

Ranger Plane


Monty: You're about to taste the most delicious dish ever dished up. Cheddarhead Charlie's cheese chowder. Old family recipe and, uh, only slightly fattenin'.

Monty: (after the pressure cooker explodes) Guess we'll need a new pressure cooker.

Chip: (working with Dale to push over a large sack of flour) Hey, Dale, you pull while I push.

Dale: How come you always make all the decisions?

Chip: Okay, fine, have it your way. I'll push and you pull.

Dale: That's better.


  • Apparently Chip can scale a smooth metal surface as he demonstrates this when climbing up a kitchen cabinet that appears metal.
  • This episode shows various views of the Ranger's kitchen, showing a rather high ceiling. Also, we see that some of their decorations include artful postage stamps
  • The cops buying doughnuts is a reference to the popular stereotype of cops eating lots of doughnuts