Seer No Evil

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Zipper attempts to save Chip from falling to his death

Writing Credits: (unknown)

First Aired: First aired in the US on November 15, 1989.

Title Reference: The title combines "seer" (which refers to Cassandra) with "see no evil".

Episode Number: 35

Season: 2

Production Number: 30


The gang all enjoy a vacation at a traveling carnival when Monterey Jack runs into an old friend of Zipper and his. Cassandra the Fortune Telling Gypsy Moth gives the Rangers their own fortune much to the skepticism of Chip. And it is for Chip that Cassandra goes into an ancient Roman vision (a Julius Seizure) and prophecizes the events that will happen to Chip:

"Before the next sun rises, Chip will follow a bear with two tails who will dance with a tiger. He will fall from a circle of light and only a flying horse can save him. Finally, you will walk under an elephant, and the trunk will fall, and...and...'PBBBBTT': then, all is darkness."

Shortly thereafter, the other Rangers predictions come true, one by one. As the Rangers discover and investigate a crime ring involving a crooked carnie operator and his pet monkey, Abbadabba, Chip's prophecy starts to come true. Before long, the Rangers struggle with solving the case without losing Chip to his sense of duty.


The Rescue Rangers




Underside riders pod on the roller coaster.


Gadget: If they'd staightened the angle out on the last curve we'd have seen some real speed.

Chip: That fake speed was plenty for me Gadget.

Chip: I think this is silly.

Gadget: Well I'm curious.

Cassandra: And I am Cassandra.

Cassandra: You don not believe in the future?

Chip: The future. Huh. I'll believe it when I see it!

Monty: Crikey this place gives me the fidgeting willies!

Gadget: Oh Monty its just our images distorted by the refraction angle of the wavy glass. (Gets scared by Dale and yells) AH!!!


  • Although Chip says that Cassandra was wrong about her predictions when he survives the adventure, Cassandra was right on all of them. Like Gadget said, she did not mean the elephant's trunk, but the pirates trunk. "then, all is darkness" must have been seen by her from Chip's position who was hiding in a probably dark hole in the floorboard. The slashing throat motion and noise was mimicked from Abbadabba, who did the same, probably having noticed the trunk falling towards Chip or believing the Rangers inside would die from that fall. Finally, when Dale and Chip see Cassandra again to confirm what she saw, Dale exclaims Chip is his best friend. Cassandra replies that she saw that to. This means she saw what happened after Chip was rescued from his hole when Dale pounced on him calling Chip his best friend. Why Cassandra did not realize this meant Chip was still alive after all or why she withheld that part from the Rangers is unknown. Perhaps she did not even consider that everyone thought it would end fatally.
  • Gadget in a rare out of character moment asks almost longingly about a pink fur coat.
  • The throwing game scene is used in many pro arguments and even in images. Also the scene with Gadget crying has been sited as showing their special connection that lies at the heart of the pro argument as well as the final scene.