Risky Beesness

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Risky Beesness
Screenshot from Risky Beesness
Zipper and Queenie
Writing credits: David Wise, Tad Stones
First aired: April 23, 1989
Title reference: Reference to the phrase or 1983 movie title Risky Business
Episode number: 9
Season: 1
Production order: 9
Production number: CDRR 1109
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Inside a beehive somewhere in the park, a happy swarm of bees works along, buzzing a tune directed by their queen bee who joyfully hums along—until they all, with the exception of the queen, turn around, quit working, and leave the beehive, following another sound. Queenie tries hard to find her swarm, but exhausts herself so much that she simply falls down—right upon Zipper who happens to be outside. After managing to drag himself out from underneath the twice as tall queen bee, the housefly, lovestruck at first sight, wakes her up and offers his help and that of his friends, the Rescue Rangers.

While Zipper tries in vain to appeal to Queenie, for instance by bringing her wild flowers which she reacts allergically upon, the Rangers look out for where the swarm might be. And lo and behold, they find the bees—carrying an assortment of musical instruments out of a music shop and loading them onto a pick-up truck which they then drive away. The Rangers follow the truck right to the labs of an insecticide-producing company, where they hear the same sound Queenie heard when her swarm was abducted.

The bees unload their instruments in Irweena Allen's room. Irweena doesn't mind too much being scolded by her boss, Mr. Sneed, as she has higher plans with her research than he will ever know. The Rangers find out that it's her who has abducted the bees with some hypnotic noise, and why she did what she did: She wants to become a rock star with a band of bees accompanying her.

The same evening, the heavy metal band Iron Goose is scheduled to perform, but Irweena manages to keep them off stage, despite the Rangers' efforts to stop her; instead, Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Monty are caught and locked away in a bass drum, and Zipper and Queenie are trapped inside a saxophone. Zipper manages to free himself and Queenie, and they fly to the stage where Irweena is (more or less) successfully performing her song on the stage, much to the audience's dislike. Zippers attacks Irweena, who makes all bees chase him, and gets them to slam into the bass drum. This results in freeing the other Rangers who then put her hypnosis device out of order and battle her, together with the bee swarm who now follow their queen again.

After Irweena's defeat, the Rangers return to their Headquarters, and so does a broken-hearted Zipper, certain that he would never have a chance with a queen bee. But the message Queenie has her swarm send him makes him think otherwise: As the Rangers open their front door, they find a group of bees flying a heart-shaped figure in the sky.


The Rescue Rangers



Irweena Allen

Mr. Sneed

Iron Goose


The Ranger Plane

Irweena's bee hypnosis device


You're the Best Bee for Me

One, two, three, four

Bee my honey, bee my drone

Meet me tonight, at the honeycomb

When you come callin' bring the pollen

And we'll be fallin' in love

Give me a buzz and I come alive

When I see you, I get hives

Hard to be humble when my heart's in a tumble

So don't you bumble this bee

Buzz, buzz, can't you see

You're the best bee for me

When you come callin' bring the pollen

And we'll be fallin' in love!


Dale: Hey! What did ya do that for?

Chip: It was too loud to think!

Dale: It's heavy metal music! You're not supposed to think!

Chip: I don't care if it's heavy on the anchovies. It's stupid!

Dale: Is not!

Chip: Is too!

Monty: (to Gadget) Looks like the boys are having one of their little "discussions"!


Iron Goose are a parody on British heavy metal bands in general and probably Iron Maiden in particular, although their hairstyles may suggest otherwise.