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Monty, after having been aged by Nimnul's FOGIE device

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Title reference: Simple pun on Rescue Rangers.

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The Rangers prepare for Monty's birthday party. Monty however, has forgotten his own birthday, and is defensive about his age. The Rangers go to the supermarket. Meanwhile, professor Nimnul is at an exhibition, trying to go legitimate with his new invention, a prune-powered aging ray (the FOGIE device) that he envisions as having applications in cheesemaking. Unfortunately, the demo goes awry. Nimnul goes to the supermarket to buy prunes. There, he encounters the Rangers, and Monty is zapped with the aging ray, unbeknownst to the Rangers, becoming an old mouse. The Rangers return to their tree and try to figure out where Nimnul is. The Rangers track Nimnul down while dealing with Monty's premature senescence. Gadget figures out that Nimnul has invented an aging ray. Nimnul unleashes his diabolical plan to steal prunes; Monty manages to rescue the others when they are trapped by Nimnul. Gadget loads the ray with plums and uses it to reverse the aging process and restore the status quo, and Nimnul goes to jail.


The Rescue Rangers

Prof. Nimnul

Kirby and Muldoon


The FOGIE Device (Aging ray)