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Please note: If you are writing a fan work article and are unsure of which rating to choose for your subject - use the email address listed on the Help page and ask. Just describe/quote the parts of the story which worry you in your email. Thanks!

Also, please refer to Rule 3.

All Ages

Suitable for any age group. This essentially means that the content does not exceed that of the original TV Show. Put simply, these should be light hearted, family friendly, "happily ever after" kinds of stories in the vein of the original series.

Violence: Family-friendly slapstick violence only. No character may be seriously injured or killed. Down-played mentions of characters being previously (and non-graphically) deceased is acceptable (such as Geegaw Hackwrench).

Coarse Language: Any coarse language will not exceed the language used in the series ("dang", "darn", "gosh", etc.)

Sexual References: Any sexual references must be purely "innocent" (i.e. a few kisses at most). Must not exceed what one one would see in a "G" rated Disney movie.


Appropriate for most readers (say of ages 12+), but parents are advised they may want to read/view the work before granting younger children access. May contain low-level violence, low level (mild) coarse language. These stories push the boundaries of what was done in the series to encompass more mature themes, for increased appeal to an older audience.

Violence: Occasional "low level" violence may be depicted. A character may be injured or killed, but it shouldn't be graphic or gory. As a general guide, any more than a single character death should probably shift the story into the next category (M).

Coarse Language: Language may slightly exceed that of the series to encompass curse words not heard in the series, but which do not reach the level of 's**t' and so on - mild curse words only.

Sexual References: Covers slightly more material than the All Ages category allows... Think "PG Disney movie". =)


Similar to PG above, but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery. Recommended for teen (15+) and adult readers.

Violence: More frequent "medium level" violence may be depicted, but should be treated with some care. Violence shouldn't be graphic to the point of being overtly gory/gratuitous.

Coarse Language: Mild coarse language may be slightly more frequent than PG, but generally speaking, harsh words such as 's**t' (at a maximum) only appear infrequently, and should not be used gratuitously (i.e. only in context).

Sexual References: May contain mild sexual references, but not graphic depictions of actual sexual activities.

Anything that exceeds these guidelines should be rated R.


Adults only. Works bearing this classification contain content similar to an R-rated movie - such as harsh language, graphic/gory violence, highly sexual and/or erotic situations, and other adult-only themes.