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About The Project

This site is designed to serve as an encyclopedia of sorts for Disney's "Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers", and its dedicated, prolific, and ever-growing fandom.

It is based on MediaWiki, which in short means that anyone can edit the pages on this site. In the interests of assuring quality (and accountable) content, a user account must be created if you want to contribute.

Who Is Running It?

This is a Wiki, it's run by its contributors! This means you (probably)! =)

See the help page if you need to contact the administrator (Lance).

How You Can Help

Feel free to request an account and make contributions of your own to this ever-expanding resource. Note that all contributors are required to adhere to a simple set of rules, and following the content guides is strongly recommended.

If you're eager to help but you don't know what to work on, have a look at the wanted pages and the articles labeled incomplete. More advanced contributors may have a look at the stubs if they can expand them and give them a proper layout.

Another good place to start is the list of shortest pages.

Where Do I Start?!

You can start browsing the information pages by following the "primary category" links on the main page. You can also enter search queries (such as "Chip", without the quotes) into the search bar on the left.


Another way to help the Ranger Wiki grow and improve is letting the world know that this Wiki exists. This can be done fairly easy by placing this banner into one's signature on Internet message boards...

The Ranger Wiki banner

...and putting a link to the Ranger Wiki on it. Written in BBCode, it would read:


(Of course if you're really awesome you'll move that image over to a PhotoBucket account or your own site or somesuch... But don't stress too much about it. =) -- WikiSysop 07:02, 21 March 2007 (PDT))

Mirrored Articles

Some articles on this site are mirrored over at Fan History Wiki. Please note that all local rules still apply to mirrored articles. Wherever possible, changes made locally should also be made over on the corresponding (linked) Fan History Wiki page.