Puffed Rangers

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Monty, Zipper, and Gadget, dressed in toy military gear

Writing Credits: Mark Edens

First Aired: September 18, 1990

Title reference: Reference to puffed rice and other air-popped breakfast cereals.

Episode Number: 62

Season: 3

Production Number: CDRR 1302


Dale finds that the toy car is missing from his box of Puffy Wuffies cereal. A trip to the grocery store shows the Rangers that the toys are missing from all the boxes; they decide to investigate. The Rangers trace the cereal back to a warehouse at the docks. Here, they find Tommy Chow and Hu Yu using water to make the toy cars turn in to full size cars. The Rangers pursue the pair to Hong Kong. They find Uncle Chow Li's plot is to sneak cars into America through the cereal boxes to avoid customs.

After escaping from the household cat, the Rangers return to Chow Li's house via Cat Street. Monty abandons the rest of the team at this point out of fear from a previous encounter here. The other Rangers are pursued by cats and narrowly escape into Chow Li's house, only to be pursued and cornered by the household cat. Zipper escapes to get help from Monty. After some convincing, Monty charges to the rescue. The Rangers escape from the cat, hide in one of the cars, and are molecularly enlarged. They shrink the three villains in their car, who drive off with the cat in pursuit. Gadget then turns the device on itself, shrinking itself apparently out of existence. The rangers then return to normal size, but not before Monty has a chance to rumble with the cats back on Cat Street.


The Rescue Rangers

Hu Yu (pronounced "who you")

Uncle Chow Li

Tommy Chow


Dehydrating Molecular Collapser


Gadget: You know what they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Dale: This is breakfast!

Dale: I'm going to go back to that supermarket and get what's coming to me.

Chip: Uh oh, you know what happens when Dale gets what's coming to him.

Monty: Yeah it usually comes right back at us.

Gadget: Either way, thousands of boys and girls are being disapointed. Not to mention hot headed chipmunks.

Chow Li: With ray in reverse, I can make little car into big car. Now it guzzles gas, pollutes air, is impossible to park, and costs a fortune. It's everything Americans look for in automobiles.


When Dale says "This is the Oooonly way to fly," its a direct reference to Western Airlines. This airline's slogan was "It's the only way to fly!"

The cars smuggled through the cereal boxes are called Dihyundai Geshunteit.