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Professor White Bread is an inventor/scientist (his exact title is never specified) who was involved with the creation of the Jet Tank.

Canonical Information


Professor White Bread

Professor White Bread is a tall, thin human, with white hair and a white mustache. He is seen wearing a sleeveless white shirt, a pair of boxers with hearts on them, and gray socks, and has a stethoscope around his neck. However, this was when he had just been captured by a spy and had most of his clothes taken. Presumably he also normally wears a typical scientist's lab coat, as that is what is worn by the spy impersonating the professor.


Besides his name, appearance, and the fact that he worked on the Jet Tank, virtually nothing is known about Professor White Bread. He is seen for only a few seconds - just before being shut into a locker, and just after escaping - and is gagged the whole time.

It's never really specified exactly how much White Bread actually did on the Jet Tank project, but the spy's comments to the Professor seem to imply that White Bread is, at least, largely responsible for the technology allowing the Tank to be controlled by thought.


Aside from apparently being responsible for the creation of the Jet Tank, Professor White Bread doesn't really do anything in the one episode he's in, as he is confined to a locker almost the entire time.


Professor White Bread appeared in a single episode, Double O'Chipmunk.