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'''Title reference:'''
'''Title reference:'''
'''Part of series:''' ''Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers''. Sequel to ''[[Fly to the Light]]'' and followed by ''[[Color Me Confused]]''.
'''Continuity:''' Second story in the ''Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers'' series. Preceded by ''[[Fly to the Light]]'', followed by ''[[Color Me Confused]]''.
'''Length:''' 25,772 words (the complete work)
'''Length:''' 25,772 words (the complete work)

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Writing credits: Matt Plotecher

First released:

Title reference:

Continuity: Second story in the Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers series. Preceded by Fly to the Light, followed by Color Me Confused.

Length: 25,772 words (the complete work)

Rating: PG


Weird happenings at the laundromat which used to be Winifred's hideout lead the Rescue Rangers onto a mysterious case directly involving Foxglove. Previous events and finally the surroundings of where the case takes the Rangers bring painful memories back to Chip's mind, memories of when he was a school boy.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers



Marie Sunslope (mentioned)

Chip's schoolmates (mentioned)



The Ranger Wing

Victoria's Mechanical Coffins

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