Out of Scale

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Chip and Dale, taking on traditional roles in a dollhouse

Writing Credits: David Wise

First Aired: February 8, 1990

Title reference: Possibly a reference to a classic Chip and Dale short of the same name and similar plot.

Episode Number: 50

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1237


The episode begins with two suspicious characters approaching the "400 ton" statue in the park, but are ignored by the police. Back at Ranger HQ, Chip & Dale are fighting, are discovered by the others when they return, and then are scolded by Gadget. The second fight is interrupted by a pigeon that tells them that the statue in the park has disappeared. In spite of the lingering argument, the Rangers go to look for clues. Meanwhile, we find the villains that have stolen the statue getting orders from their boss to acquire squirrels. The Rangers get to the park and split up to track the crooks. Chip & Dale are captured by the henchmen and given to Buffy (the crime boss' daughter), where they become her playthings and are treated rather badly. The other three Rangers follow the tire tracks left by the henchman. They come across a mouse who leads them to a map featuring the crooks' next target. Meanwhile, we find the crime boss revealing that he captured Nimnul and his Gigantico Gun, which he plans to use for his own purposes. The free Rangers then witness the henchmen shrinking the city's art museum. They follow the henchmen back to the crime boss' mansion where they find Chip & Dale in trouble from Buffy. The Rangers and villains have an extended battle, but the Rangers defeat them ultimately by returning the art museum to normal size.


The Rescue Rangers

Ignatz Ratskiwatski

Ratskiwatski's Henchmen

Buffy Ratskiwatski

Norton Nimnul

Scrounging Mouse


Ranger Plane

Gigantico Gun


Monty: Are you two fightin' again?

Chip: Of course not. We're just having a spirited discussion.

Pigeon: Excuse me, is this a formal fight? You're all wearing tails.

Ignatz: What other gadgets you got cooked up

Nimnul: Um, I can't think of any

Ignatz: Well you better think of any...

Monty: (after rescuing Dale) Why Dale, what a lovely dress.

Dale: Ah, shut up.


  • This episode is unusual in that Nimnul is almost a secondary character. He is captured and used by the main villain rather than being the chief antagonist.
  • The Gigantico Gun is the only device of Nimnul's to be used in more than one episode - this is its second appearance
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Gadget lifts a wanted poster in the police station which says "Wanted: Brian Ray." Brian Ray is listed in the credits of this episode as the "oversees animation supervisor"
  • The shorter henchman appears to be able to understand the chipmunks as he refers to them as intelligent