Normie's Science Project

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Nimnul gets mad at his nephew Normie

Writing Credits: Mark Edens

First Aired: October 19, 1989

Title reference: Play on the movie title, My Science Project.

Episode Number: 34

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1221


Gadget convinces the other Rangers to go with her to a local science fair to scrounge for inventions. While there, Normie Nimnul demonstrates an invention of his uncle's that apparently uses a record to produce destructive sound waves, the Molecular Audio Empathizer. As it turns out, Professor Nimnul was about to use it to attack the city. When he finds Normie took it, he sends Normie back to school to retrieve it. Back at the school, Gadget gets trapped in the Moledular Audio Empathizer, Normie retrieves it, and the other rangers follow. At Nimnul's lab, we find that the device makes people and objects perform actions in accord with the sounds. The Rangers work to foil Nimnul's plan and return the correct record to the science fair.


The Rescue Rangers

Normie Nimnul

Professor Nimnul

Marvin (the other kid at the science fair)


Pencil Elevator

Molecular Audio Empathizer

Box Kite


Gadget: "Once I found a perpetual motion machine just lying in a trash can. Of course by then it had stopped moving."

Gadget: "Golly an electrical cheese tester! Did you know that Mozzarella conducts electricity twice as well as provolone?"

Normie: "My uncle made it for me, he's an unappreciated genius. He told me so himself!"

Professor Nimnul: "Here it is, "Music to Devastate the Globe By," in stereo!"

Professor Nimnul: "These are delicate instruments of destruction. If you don't know how to use them you could hurt somebody!"


  • Monty references a trick he learned from a "flying squirrel" they used to glide over "Frostbite Falls" looking for "mooseberries." Taken together they are an apparent reference to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.
  • This is the only reference to any family of Nimnul in the show; also it is implied that Normie lives with Professor Nimnul as the professor references giving Normie an allowance